The Beginning... 

My story begins at age 10, when i first took a drum lesson. I was thrilled, I felt empowered. Life was going to change for me. I was a victim of child abuse growing up. It scarred me, but Jesus knew how to get my attention. It was through a drum set. 

18 years later I have traveled the country as a drummer/speaker. Sharing my story and my talent as a drummer/worshiper. I have played for over 250 events in the last 4 years. I am currently teaching drums in my local city outside of Philadelphia. I am  currently endorsed through a music company out of LA. Very excited to plan a trip to teach drums next summer in Poland. 

The Mission 

As i approach the next season of life. I m burdened with the children and youth of my community. The generations ahead of us need a support, a passion, a community. That will provide support and love. We re calling it "Youth on the Rise". I am partnering with local churches to by offering music lesson services. I am currently working with over 10 churches. I believe music is a way of empowering others, becoming more comfortable with personal expression. Expressing what words cannot. Music is powerful thing. 

Changing The World

My hopes are to give 50 kids/youth a chance to discover, learn and grow
An after school music program will provide music lesson for guitar, piano, drums and vocals. We hope to exhibit the talent of our students through talent shows, music concerts, worship nights, and through the local church/youth group. We have instruments that need to be bought and teaching materials (music books, paper, pens etc). We would like to provide scholarships as well to help bless those are not financially able to pay for music lessons. 

This holiday season, considering donating to start a music revolution in young peoples lives. Help change the world, one person at a time. One drum stick at a time 

With love
Just a Drummer
Daniel Martinez