Push Project

King Is Coming Powder White Unisex T-Shirt

The Push Market is our equivalent to a sample sale. Some of these items might have very minor marks and blemishes. Some of these items didn't make the final collection cut. Sometimes they're one-of-a-kind stragglers made for some reason in the past but we forgot why. Whatever it may be, these items were produced with mission in mind to spark amazing conversations!

Customer Reviews

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Ariana Argueta
Wonderful Quality

Loved this shirt! Got exactly what the picture shows.


Not the original comfort colors shirt, fits slim and long

Christiana Kuhlow
Thank you

Shirt was not 100% cotton as I’d anticipated, but love it anyway and love what you guys do!

Marl Clevenger
Great products

This shirt is one of a few that I own from Push Project. Great quality and good conversation starters.

Zachary Dee
Just four words, with a profound message...

I got this shirt for my wife. Who doesn't love a nice off white!? I love the heavy comfort colors tees that are occasionally used by Push Project but this is a nice, light tee and will be one of your most comfortable fresh out of the package. She wore it to our local farmers market at the town we just moved to, and it painted smiles on people's faces and was a total conversation piece. It is so nice to see how many people were interested and the discussions generated by four simple words. Let us be reminded that narrow is the way. Walk it. Talk it. The king is coming.

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